A freelance writer from southern Ohio, I have, in addition to my academic work, published in Thought Catalog, Philosophy For Business, Philosophy Pathways, Secular Nation, The Humanist,,, History Magazine, The Good Men Project, The Partially Examined Life, and others.  The following are a selection of published clips and book reviews:

My Medium page

Forward To Book: Rousseau on Language and Writing

Genealogy of Pop

Influence of Expectation: the Academic as Agent of Authority

The Walk To Kallipolis

Playing God: The Rise of the Actor and the Decline of Tragic Art

Please Patronize Me

The Real Redneck

The Genre of Despair

Too Sensitive

All Or Nothing

Killing Rights

No Girls Allowed: The Problem of Military Rape

In Praise of Bookishness

 Book Reviews for Pierian Spring magazine

A Carnival of Creatures: Conrad von Gesner

The Tabloid Tyrant

The Battle of the Books Redux

The Printer's Devil